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Steph's Studio

Capturing Moments and Memories that Last a Lifetime

About Us

Steph Mantooth

It all started with an interest in photography at an early age. The “Magic” of watching the image develop in that tray at Worley’s Studio and being able to create visually “hooked” me from the very beginning. I spent hours and hours speaking with Glen and Duane about photography in general and the love of the craft grew.

With a loan from my parents and an income from a paper route in the 5th grade I started to assemble a complete Black & White and soon color darkroom. A good friend and lifetime mentor was also discovered in Tom at McCosh Photo. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom of our trailer house with the enlarger on the washing machine and the developing trays in the bathtub. (many thanks to my family for putting up with this because it was the only one in the house). 4-H played a key role in the growth of my photography skills. It lead me on a great journey from the county level…to the state level…to the national level in Chicago. I owe a lot to the 4-H program and the key role the program played in my career, awesome organization. Thru my underclass education the annual and SPUD staff kept me growing in photojournalism and darkroom experience. I was accepted into the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, graduating with an Associate degree in Art. After a brief time of freelance work and employment by Worley’s Studio I decided to open Steph’s Studio in December of 1991. I passed my Certification with the Professional Photographers of America in 2006. In 2009 I received my master of photography degree with the Professional Photographers of America. It is now over 28 years and I still dearly love what I do and the people that have come into my life thru this choice.

Thank You to everyone that has made this journey possible and will continue to do so!

This is what beauty sounds like…
This is the puzzle falling into place…
You will hear most photographers, most artists,
Tell you that they see beauty everywhere,
Around every corner, in every face, in every shadow,
Every trace of light. I cannot.
I see the odium, borne of chaos life provides.
I rearrange the pieces…
Hold them in hand, mold and shape…
This is what I am, this is what I give.
Distilled into the soft, quiet beauty of the moment…
To be the eye of the beholder, taking what is not there,
Stripping away what is not.”
~Maximillian Xavier